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Iím looking for models for editorial styled wedding shoots. Do you need to have modeling experience? Itís a great plus, but no, you certainly donít have to. Indeed, brides on their wedding day have no modeling experience, and itís that type of picture that we will be trying to recreate! If you're actually a bride and would like to wear your own dress for some bridal photos, that will work too!

What Iím looking for:

Females ages 18 to 28

Males ages 22 - ?

Size in the 0 to 8 range

Height does not matter

You do your own hair, makeup, and nails, and Iíll provide the wedding dress(s) and/or bridesmaid dress(s) here (I have racks of them in sizes 2-8). I have a photo studio at my home, about 6 miles up Upper Pack River Road (about 20 minutes north of Ponderay), and have many opportunities here for great outdoor pics as well. A session will likely last no longer than two hours.

Have a man with a suit willing to be your ďgroomĒ? Bring him along! Have a girlfriend who wants to be a bridesmaid? Bring her (or them) too!

If youíre a male looking to model, Iím interested in groom only shoots as well, so do feel free to write (but you do need to have a suit and dress shoes).

Compensation is $100 per session for a ďbrideĒ or ďgroomĒ, and $50 if you are a friend that is coming to be a part of the wedding party as a bridesmaid or groomsman. If I'm providing bridal photos (for the actual brides out there), I'll provide 10 photos free of charge (and you get the $100 as well). Any pictures I provide after that are a charge $20 per photo.

Everyone will need to sign model release forms. I do not provide finished pictures, but you are likely to see pictures if you look on my website gallery page, or on Facebook or Instagram.

To apply, send an email with a picture of yourself and anyone interested to


Want a free corsage/ boutonniere for prom? Come out just before prom (when youíre all dressed up) to have your picture taken with the corsage/boutonniere that you pick out ahead of time from my shop. Pics shouldnít take long at all (maybe a half hour?), and you can then head out to prom with your free corsage or boutonniere, which is the extent of the compensation- a great value and savings! Iíll also email you one picture for memorabilia! All will have to sign model release forms, and if youíre under 18 it will need to also be signed by a parent or guardian as well (I can email the release form ahead of time if convenient for you). Iíll use the picture(s) on social media, and my websites. Groups are absolutely welcome. No size limitations, as youíll be in your own clothing. Iím about 20 minutes north of Ponderay, and photos will be in my photo studio here, and outside as well if the weather permits.

If youíd like to take advantage of the free corsage/boutonniere for pictures opportunity, send an email to so we can get it set up. Please only write if the prom is at least five days away (but sooner than that is even better)!

~ All of the pictures are those I've taken here in my studio and surrounding grounds.

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